Carlo Giunti (INFN-TO) - Short-Baseline neutrino oscillation anomalies and light sterile neutrinos

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 from to (Europe/Rome)
at Aula A
I review the anomalies found in short-baseline neutrino oscillation
experiments and I discuss their interpretation in the framework of 3+1
neutrino mixing with a sterile neutrino at the eV scale.
I present the results of the updated 3+1 global fit including the
recent MINOS, IceCube and NEOS data.
I discuss the implications for future neutrino oscillations and
neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments.
I also discuss the problem of the 5 MeV bump in the reactor
antineutrino spectrum in connection with the reactor antineutrino
anomaly and the interpretation of the Daya Bay fuel evolution data.

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